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Top Quality Products in very affordable prices. Transcend to a better skin, better food, better home, better life. 

Who is it for?

Atomy's Products are for everyone! They are covering most of our daily needs, including toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and body cleanser, skin care and beauty. Furthermore, "HemoHim", the immune booster for anyone. For persons under stress, for students, for athletes, for elderly persons, for busy mothers etc.

AbsoluteCare System

Awaken the perfectionist in you.

Received “Excellent” grade from Dermatest, the world-renowned German Dermatology research institute.

Skin Care 6 system

for refreshed and clean skin. Advanced skincare set with Korean Atomic Energy Institute’s special high purification technology and fermentation technology,

Toothpaste with Propolis

Dental Plaque Removal (anti-plaque) effect

Tartar deposition preventing effect

Dental cavities preventing effect

Bad breath removing effect

Toothbrush - self disinfected

Super Slim brush

Anti-Bacterial brush

Rounded Slim head

Easy-grip handle

A Great portfolio of products. Each country has a bit different cataloge.

Many of the products are available in all the countries. Each country though have some products that are not yet available in other Atomy countries.  Please check in the Shopping more of your Atomy country

Shopping, made simple.

Everyone can buy online, but not everyone buys smart. What makes the difference is the Absolute Quality & Absolute Price.

Better Health, Better Skin, Better House, Better Life!

A big opportunity may be where you are right now! 

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