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If you are citizen in a country where Atomy currently operates, you can register. Please remember that you need the ID of an existing Atomy member and a password.

If you do not know any Atomy member, or if you are not a citizen or legal residence in any of the Atomy’s countries, please fill out the form below. 

We will contact you and provide your the required ID and password. If in your country, Atomy is not yet present, we will register you in our waiting list and inform you before your country opens for Atomy.  

How to Register using Atomy's website

Atomy is available for registration in the following countries, (click on the country to visit the website)

Citizens and legal residents in India, can also register as customers, via the Korean, headquarters website.

Submit the following form and we will be glad to provide all required login information.

For other countries, submit the form and we will contact you for instructions and support.

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