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For those who want to start their own business and make money out of it.

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Lets review it again...

Absolute Quality at Absolute Price

Atomy Provides Absolute Quality Products at an Absolute fair Price, for customers & business members to live a successful life.

Dealership Class

Atomy members are classified into 5 different groups of dealership classes.

General Commissions

Earn from $70 USD – $1,400 USD/day!

An extremely fair and easy system for paying commissions to eligible members, according their dealership class and group performance.

Masters' Ranks

There are seven (7) “Master” ranks. 

Masters' Bonus

Masters’ bonus is the commission paid when you reach certain Mastership. 20% of the worldwide company’s sales are given back to members with mastership rank. 

Mastership Incentives

With every promotion to a Master’s level, there are additional incentives. From FREE products and paid vacations, to cars with drivers, paid office, and $1,000,000 USD cash.

Education Commission

6% of Total PV from all members of the center, twice per month.

A Simple Compensation Plan

Atomy’s compensation plan is designed for the success of all members.

Everyone, from all the financial, social and ethnic backgrounds can be successful and financial free with Atomy. 

No previous experience is required.

No specialized knowledge is required.

No products’ sales is required. 

No spending extra money on products you do not need is required.

No buying and stocking products is required, as other companies may do.

 No obligation for an Atomy’s customer, to start any business with Atomy is required.   

Atomy, as a company, and also our leaders and sponsors in our team, never push customers to start the business. With their permission, we will present the opportunity, so they are informed.  

When there will be the right circumstances for them, and choose to join for the business, we will be glad to support them at the maximum we can. 

Their success is our success. 

It is never too late with Atomy, although in the mean time, some of their friends or relatives may have already joined and earning, while they are waiting for the “right time”.    


Let us now deep dive, a bit more, in the details of the compensation plan. 

Atomy works with a Binary system. That is just two groups; left and right, also called left and right leg. 

These two “legs” can have unlimited number of Atomy ‘s online customers in them.

The more Atomy’s online customers will be in your left and right “leg”/group, the more you will earn! 

This Binary structure, allows a fast growth and fair compensation for every one, not only few on the top. Furthermore allows fast growth to reach the Master Class with all the additional bonuses! 



The products have  “Point Value” or “PV”. 

For example, a hand soap has 1,000 PV, an Atomy Lip Glow stick has 5,300 PV, while a  HemoHim set has 100K PV and the AbsoluteCare Skincare set has 130K PV.

1,000 PV

Hand Soap

5,300 PV

Lip Glow

100,000 PV


130,000 PV

AbsoluteCare Skincare set

PV is used as basis for determining the “Commission Payment Conditions” for Atomy’s members.

After the purchases of product(s) with 10K PV or more PV, you are classified as a Member in the dealership class, and you are eligible for commissions for the following 12 months. 

The PV from the products that you purchase online, are called “Personal PV” or “PPV“. 

Your PPV are accumulating, therefore your are not required to purchase products each month in order to receive commissions.

The PPV never expire, as long as you maintain your membership active every 12 months. 

To remain active, you only have to purchase one product within twelve months period, even if it is the one with the lowest price in the catalogue!


General Commissions
$70 - $1,400 USD/day!


The “General Commissions” are calculated daily and paid out once per week. 

It is calculated according to your Personal PV, (PPV), and the PV from the purchases of the “smaller leg”, (that is the one of the two groups that has the less PV during the day of the calculations). 

Based on these two factors, the PPV and the groups’ PV, the “Dealership Class” is classified, and this “Class” determines how much that person will get for commission daily. 

All the PV from the unlimited number of members in your two “legs” count as Group PV to everyone above them.  

There are  five “Dealership Classes”.


To move to the higher dealership class, the member needs to reach a certain amount of PPV. 

But even if is lacking the required PPV, still can successfully qualified for the higher class, when the “smaller leg”, reach a pre-defined number of PV within the previous month. 

Example: a person who is at AGENT class,  has accumulated at least 300K PPV. Moving to  SPECIAL AGENT, requires 700K PPV. 

The AGENT,  is NOT obliged to spend more money to buy more products for the additional 400K PPV which are required for qualification as a Special Agent.

Team’s performance, that is the purchases of the two “legs”, will qualify the AGENT automatically to SPECIAL AGENT, as soon the smaller leg reach the required PV in the previous month!  

The more consumers buying online you will have in your two legs/groups, the higher your dealership class will be.



The “General Commissions”, have eight (8) grades. These grades determine the paid amount.

Each grade has a “score”. 

The monetary value of the “score” is the “score number” x “$4.8 USD” (approximately. Please note that the exact amount will be different in each country, due to the currency exchange rate fluctuations).

Commissions are paid every day the back office of Atomy will process your new orders. That will be 26 days per month, (no order processing on Sundays).

Two Examples: 

1. Grade 7 has a score of 15 => $70 USD/day x 26 days => $1,820 USD/month

$1,820 USD x 12 months = 21,840 USD/year

2. Grade 1 has a score of 300 => 1,400 USD / day =>

$1,400 x 26 =  $36,400 USD / month 

$36,4000 x 12 = $436,800 USD / year.  

The PPV and PV requirements for each Grade are explained in the Compensation Plan Video on the top of the page. 


Isn’t this an amazing compensation plan? 

Yes it is! 

Just think for a moment, “What am I going to do with these extra $70 – $1,440 USD per day?” or, in an annually base these extra “$21,840 – $449,280 USD per year?” 

If these are not enough, keep reading below about the Master’s bonuses and incentives…!

At the same time, ask your self: “Do I like, or do I need these extra money? What I can do with these when I will have them? “

If the answer to the above first question is YES, do not wait, grab this FREE opportunity and join now!

Masters' Ranks

Here is where, more fun and more abundance starts!! 

There are seven (7) Mastership’s Ranks. 

Sales – Diamond – Sharon Rose – Star – Royal – Crown – Imperial. 


SALES Master rank. 

When you reach Special Agent status in your dealership class, and both “legs” have at least 2.5Million each within the 1st, or within the 2nd half of the month, you are promoted to Sales Master.

Sales Master is the most important mastership in Atomy. 

Members who maintain the Sales Master status, (meaning the following months as well are meeting the groups’ PV requirements), are called “Auto Sales” Masters and they have taken the first step to become successful in Atomy. This opens the paths for abundance.

Is it difficult to have 2.5MPV in the group? Not really!!

Due to the high PV on each product, this target is not as difficult as someone may initially think. See all the live presentation videos below and particular the example is given from Mr. Sylvester di Diego and Mr. Park Joo Young.


As a Sales Master, when you will have two other Sales Masters in each of your two legs, you will be promoted to Diamond Master. 

As a Diamond Master when you will have two more Diamond Master in each of your two legs, you will be promoted to Sharon Rose Master, and so on. 


Master's Bonus

There are no deadlines or other conditions to reach a Mastership rank. 

As long as you are an member of Atomy, you will be promoted, any time you will meet the qualification requirements.

20% of the total sales PV of the company worldwide, will be distributed back to you and among the other “masters”, within the seven mastership ranks.


Master’s bonus is the commission that is paid to you when you every time you reach a mastership rank and while you are in this rank.

It is calculated every fifteen days. Therefore there are two chances for you to receive the commission every month. Every time you meet the requirement for the whole month, you are getting these bonus/commissions twice!

For example, a Sales Master can receive around $1,000 USD for the first half of the month and $1,000 USD for the second. Total $2,000 USD/month. 

In the picture below, you see the potential income from the Mastership bonuses.

The Master’s bonus is paid few days after month’s closure. 

In USA it is in the seventh day after month’s closure, but please check with us or your sponsor the conditions in your country. 

Remember that you also have more incentives for advancing in higher rank,

Lets see these incentives again. 

Mastership Incentives

SALES master:

One “SkinCare 6 System”, + one “HemoHim”  + one “Evening Care 4 System”.

DIAMOND master:

A laptop computer or a tablet + One “SkinCare 6 System”, + one “HemoHim”  + one “Evening Care 4 System”.


2 travel tickets + $2,000 USD in cash.

STAR master:

Four Travel tickets + 10,000 USD in cash.

ROYAL master

Four travel tickets for ten nights and eleven days, + car rental fees + $2,000 USD card credit per month for promotional expenses + $50,000 USD in cash.

CROWN master:

Four travel tickets for ten nights and eleven days, + Luxury car + $5,000 USD card credit per month for promotional expenses + $300,000 USD in cash.

IMPERIAL master:

Four travel tickets for ten nights and eleven days, + Luxury car with a personal drive + $10,000 USD card credit per month for promotional expenses + 1,700 sq. ft, (158 sq. meters) office with personal assistance + $1,000,000 USD in cash. 

(Currency amounts are estimates and may be subject to change based on currency exchange rate. Reference will be the S. Korean Won).

Education Commision

Members who open an Education Center, approved by the company, to support the business and educate other members, are eligible of receiving twice a month, a 6% of the total PV from all members in the center.


Live Precentations

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for a better life!


Just think for few moments, “What am I going to do with these extra $2,000 – $50,000 USD per month, that is $24,000 – $600,000 USD per year? 

Pause and imagine “How will this income going to change my life?” 

Are you dreaming this trip that always postpone or budgeting for several months or even years? 

Do you have any financial requirements for University funds? 

Have you secure retirement with a comfortable income?

Thinking to “Fire your Boss” and do what you really love? 

Are you getting soon this luxury car or house that you are dreaming for? 

Is there any charity you would like to support? 


You have the option to join Atomy with us today, and start receiving the benefits from products of Absolute Quality, at Absolute best prices, getting better health, better skin, better living environment, and eventually a better income…, if you want!!

You also have the option to do nothing! 

Take no action, do not contact us, do not join Atomy and remain in your current situation! 

If you are satisfied and enjoying your current situation, all financial aspects going well, your dreams have been manifested, and you don’t want, neither need these extra money, nor any improvement in one, or more aspects in your life, it is perfectly fine to do nothing and do not join. 

We shall always though remember that “We can not keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome”! 

If you want a different results and be in a different situation from where you are currently, then do this little different thing, that will change your current situation.  Especially since it is 100% risk free and no fees are involved. 

Press the green button below, (I JOIN NOW), fill in the contact form and we will reply to you within 24 hours, You will never ever regret this small action that can make better everything in your life… if you really want something better. 

And the best part… its FREE… 

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