Why Atomy? 

Atomy continues been successful year after year. In 2017 sales worldwide reached almost 1 billion USD with steady growth in 2018 as well. Atomy goes beyond customer satisfaction, fulfilling customer success. Here we will mention four explanations why is so successful and millions  consumers trust and use this brand daily.

1. Products

Beginning with products for health and beauty, Atomy’s various product lines include food, living, fashion and home products. 

Company’s strategy is “MASSTIGE”, from the words Massive and Prestige. 

Due to the massive production of prestige products, they manage to achieve the optimum: Absolute Quality and Absolute Price, resulting consumers to buy TOP quality’s products at very fair and affordable price. Figures released from the Korean Fair Trade Commission, show that “HemoHim”, was top in the industry in sales volumes for three (3) straight years.

At the same time, the “Skincare 6 System” was the best selling cosmetic product. The new “AbsoluteCare System” was chosen  by consumers and becoming a revolutionary skin product. 

These figures indicate how much Atomy’s products satisfy consumers around the world “massive” and “prestige” put together. This together with the right strategies, results to Absolute Quality and Absolute Price, that is affordable price for every one. 

In the following video, Sherry Danalis presents in an easy understandable way, details about the products and the company.

2. Atomy Membership Is Risk-Free

There is no risk involved neither any cost to join Atomy, register and start buying online.

Keep doing whatever you always do, and get paid for that! 

Most of the people refer to and recommend a good place for vacations, or a store, or restaurant, a product or services, or even sharing a post in social networks, without earning anything. 

It is natural to share the good news.  

With Atomy, when people are doing the same and sharing the news about these fantastic products and others will buy as a result, Atomy will pay back for their advertisement to these persons who recommended Atomy to others! 

More than $170 million USD was paid to members in commissions and bonuses,  last year alone.

NOTHING TO LOSS, SO MANY TO GAIN by buying and testing by yourself Atomy’s products.

  • FREE to Join
  • NO Registration fee
  • NO Monthly fee
  • NO Annually fee
  • NO Website Usage fee
  • NO purchase requirement for joining
  • NO minimum monthly purchase requirement
  • NO minimum order quantities requirements
  • NO “auto-ship” 
  • NO automatic reordering
  • NO selling any products
  • Easy Registration process
  • ONE member ID valid around the world
  • CAN register new members in every country where Atomy is present
  • Unlimited team members, domestic and international
  • Residual income opportunity for members who choose this
  • Unlimited levels of “downline”  
  • Income from all levels of the “downline”
  • NO expiration of Personal PV for active members
  • Get paid because you use products of daily necessity and because other buy as a result of sharing the news.

Only two requirements:

  • A member shall be 18 years or older to join
  • To remain an active member and have access to the online mall, the member must purchase one product within 12 months. This can be even just a set of four tubes of toothpastes  for just $5.30 USD or 230 PHP, or 160 THB, $8 ASD etc.

3. Atomy’s Vision and Strength

Atomy’s real value lies in the company’s “MASSTIGE” strategy which providing benefits to consumers with Absolute Quality and Absolute prices, while also increase the quality of life for their members.

As stated on the official website, management objectives are:

  1. Customer’s Success
  2. Distribution Hub
  3. Premier Company

Atomy ‘s real value is in the company’w “MASSTIGE” strategy which providing benefits to consumers with Absolute Quality and Absolute Price, while also increase the quality of life for their members 

Since its foundation in 2009 in Korea, they established many overseas branch offices. Every year new markets are opening.

The objective has not been competing with other network marketing companies.

Rather it competes with mass merchandisers like supermarkets ,department stores, home shopping and online, so it can reshape and transform the way consumers purchase products

By doing so, Atomy rewrites the history of network marketing.

4. From Consumer to Business Opportunity

Most people join because they heard how good the products are from a family member or a friend.

As soon as they use the product, they notice the immediate results. 

This motivates them to share their experience and results with others. 

Very soon they realize that what they buy for personal usage, actually is completely reimbursed from the commissions they earn! 

As new customers/members are join us, suddenly they have the opportunity for a very good residual monthly income that can reach $50KUSD monthly! 

To learn more about this, go to our page: Opportunity.

To get your first product, contact the person who introduce you in Atomy, or press the green button below, and feel up the form. Or contact us via our contact page.  

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